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​Fidia helps creators, professionals. entrepreneurs and small businesses create simple websites from their phones and personal computers.
We have made the experience so simple and relatable that it can be likened to making an Instagram post.
Welcome To Fidia 3.0
​With Fidia, you can do the following;
  • Set up a website where people can discover your work and order your services.
  • Sell products, bookings, tickets and more to monetize the value you offer customers.
  • Create invoices to get paid by your clients.
  • Share payment links to fans and customers alike.


Anyone can access Fidia for free for now. We only charge you a 2% transaction fee for online payments and 0.5% withdrawal fees to cover the costs of our payment partners. You only pay this fee if you are receiving payments on Fidia. You can find out more about our pricing here.


Fidia websites are available to everyone across the globe. Payouts are only accessible in Nigerian Naira.
Last modified 2mo ago